• Wearable Nanotechnology

  • Track Biometrics and Biomechanics

    Maximize Performance

  • Augmented Reality

    Real-time biosignals


Smart clothing

Enhance your performance by having full visibility on your body's vital signs.

Our clothing automatically tracks biometric and biomechanical data, in real time. This data is wirelessly transmitted to the cloud and then displayed on any device, such as on a smartphone, desktop or Augmented Reality headset.

Fatigue 85%
Hydration 60%
Performance 90%
Glycogen Depletion 70%

Nanotechnology embedded in clothing

We are creating a clothing fabric that looks and feels no different to a standard piece of clothing. However the fabric will be embedded with graphene nanotechnology that enables the continuous monitoring of biometrics and biomechanics. This will allow us to turn any item of clothing into a data-rich piece of wearable technology.

Our mission

Our mission is to boost human performance through smart clothing with embedded nanotechnology that improves your technique, endurance and consistency.

Monitor Health Signals

Monitor heart rate, breathing rate and joint biomechanics to track performance and ensure perfect technique

Decrease Fatigue

Monitor muscular imbalances to prevent putting unnecessary strain on muscle groups, and decrease injury-risk

Base Training Decisions on Data

Get real-time feedback on your training sessions, workouts and competitions

Beat your Personal Best

Know when you're close to your PB and have energy left to push harder

Nanosensors embedded in clothing track your body's vital signs and movements to give practical insights on how to improve your health and performance. The clothing connects wirelessly to your smartphone to provide real-time feedback on your activity and how to improve it.

Currently: Joint biomechanics (joint angles, movement velocity and acceleration), heart rate
Future: Sleep, sweat, core body temperature, breathing rate

Data is colleceted directly through our graphene nanosensors and then wirelessly transferred to the cloud via WiFi in real-time

Improve health, heighten performance

Monitor biometrics and joint biomechanics to make data-driven decisions to maximize outcomes

Your full exercise data log

Every workout, training session, competition - all your performance data logged automatically for you to review, analyze and learn from

Unlock your body's insights

Know when to take a break, hydrate or keep going by monitoring vital signs

Revolutionising athletic performance and health monitoring through nanotechnology embedded in clothing

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